Your Demand + Our Eco-Solution

Your Demand + Our Eco-Solutions

Founded in 2013, Ecolefin is a mat manufacturer from Taiwan where factory is located in Tainan Yongkang District. Ecolefin specializes in providing high quality custom built mats and rugs for customers all around the world including Germany, Japan, Italy, US, UK, and so on. Ecolefin products are made with innovative TPO eco-friendly materials with a wide spectrum of applications, including commercial mats, household mats, children's mats, and even building materials. With patented special TPO recipe, Ecolefin products have better performances regarding anti-slip performance, fade resistance, endurance, and elasticity. Most importantly, Ecolefin products are 100% eco-friendly, even burning the whole products will not result in any harmful emissions just simply carb and water vapor. Ecolefin aims to provide our clients quality products from designing, manufacturing, and recycling.

Ecolefin Products

Ecolefin products are made out of polyolefin with SGS certifications, FDA food grade standard, and are patented with robust non-slip construction which can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. Our current applications include functional commercial mats, placemats, cup mats, picnic mats, and so on. Ecolefin products do not contain any plasticizer, halogen, heavy metal, or any other toxic chemicals, and burning will not result in dioxin emissions. 

Ecolefin also welcomes buyers who are seeking for orders with:

High Quality


Custom Design

Clients' Design Protected

Free in stock Samples Provided

Best Price Guarantee: Ecolefin is the factory. You are directly buying from the factory without any extra fee.

Quality Guarantee: All Ecolefin products are developed and built ONLY in Taiwan.

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Our Vision

Ecolefin focuses on meeting human demand while sustaining the ecosystem's natural structure. We believe our products will initiate a new phase of plastic applications in human society.

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