Your Demand + Our Eco-Solution

Your Demand + Our Eco-Solution for the Home

Ecolefin commercial solutions provide multiple applications with outstanding non-slip and water & oil absorbent performance for different scenarios. Find out more below or contact us, we will be more than glad to help you!

Commercial Products Unparalleled Performance


Ecolefin possesses non-slip patent


High performance of water-absorbency


High performance of oil-absorbency

Thermal Insulation

High performance of thermal insulation

SGS Certified

Our products have reached FDA food grade standard and do not contain any plasticizer, formaldehyde, or other toxic chemicals.


Special Processing

Compound materials provide robust constructions that are both functional and environmental friendly.

Customizable Service

Tell us what you need! We love building with our customers!

Commercial Products Unparalleled Performance

Commercial Kitchens Restaurants and Factories

Giving your employees safe and comfortable working spaces is one of the key factors of business operation efficiency. From central kitchens to factories, anywhere with messy floors that could lead to tripping hazards can benefit from  our commercial solutions. Let Ecolefin help build your own mats with patented high non-slip and water & oil absorbent performance exclusively for your business.

Stadium and Sport Court

Want to fully enjoy sports without worrying about safeties of facilities? Ecolefin provides patented non-slip and SGS certified non-toxic floor mats for your stadium, sport court, and so on. Choose Ecolefin to help you play sports in a safe and healthy environment.

Customization Service

Could not find what you need? Tell us what you need! We love building with our customers!

Ecolefin also welcomes buyers who are seeking for orders with:

*High Quality
*Low MOQ
*Custom Design
*Clients' Design Protected
*Free in stock Samples Provided

**Best Price Guarantee: Ecolefin is the factory. You are directly buying from the factory without any extra fee.

**Quality Guarantee: All Ecolefin products are developed and built ONLY in Taiwan.